Farming for over 100 years.

4th Generation - Phillip Mixon with the soon to be 5th Generation Farmers: daughter Madison and Austin Mixon

Donald Mixon, Madison Mixon, Phillip Mixon, Kim Mixon and Austin Mixon

3rd Generation - Donald Mixon

2nd Generation - Jack Mixon

2nd Generation - Jack Mixon

The Family & Farm

Mixon Farms has been farming for over one hundred years. Established by Harley Mixon in 1905 as a tobacco farm. Harley's son Jack and grandson Donald Mixon took on the family business of farming. Jack and Donald Mixon started the family's tradition of pioneering farm practices, now carried out through the fourth generation-Donald's son Phillip Mixon.

We have a reputation as innovators in the farming industry. We were the first tobacco farmers in the country to clip field grown tobacco transplants to stimulate even growth, and install drain tile in their fields. Also the family farm was the first to grow tobacco transplants in the greenhouse. Harley's first couple of acres of tobacco back in 1905, grew to over 500 acres in Tobacco.

In 2005 Mixon Farms changed our family farm: took out the tobacco and put in 127 acres of Blueberries.

Today Mixon Farms has over 390 acres of Blueberries and with a goal of farming over 500 acres of Blueberries.

Mixon Farms total acreage consists of  2,000 acres of blueberries, pines, and other crops. It is also the home of Crave Game Products, makers of Carrot Crave.

We are located in Waresboro, Georgia, right outside of Waycross in Southeast Georgia.