Farming for over 100 years.

The Pack House is a large scale Grading and Packing Facility.

2 Grading Lines: 1 BEST Color & Soft Sorter, 1 BERRY TEK Color & Soft Sorter
Volume Fill
A&B Weigh-IN FIll

Blast Cooler to prepare fruit from field to grocery store
Full Service Packing Facility to bring Fruit from the Field to your Table.

Grade A- Primus GFS in Ranch, Pack House and Harvest Crew
Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point Certification

We take pride in practicing high quality standards to produce premium quality fruit. 
We operate with the highest quality food safety standards:
We provide safe, healthy and quality fruit by staying in accordance with government and industry standards.
Follow Good Agricultural Practices.
The berries are cooled immediately after leaving the field.
We use a bar-coded based traceability system. This shows the traceability of the field, zone, day and time the berry was harvested also date packed. 

The Pack House